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Waking up is sometimes a ten to fifteen minute process for Sagan. In the middle of the night, one is tempted to feed him when he first starts to stir, but he refuses. You may think, “Dude, I know you are going to be starving in about three minutes“, but you still have to wait out those three minutes and watch as he stretches and groans and stretches some more.

Ryan actually does a great impersonation of the process. Even when I’m sleep deprived, watching grown-up Ryan act out little Sagan’s waking up ritual makes me smile.

The other weekend we discovered Ryan wasn’t the only one of his siblings with the talent of Sagan-mimicry. Aunt Rachelle is quite adept at copying one of Sagan’s faces.

Rachelle and Sagan
Aunt Rachelle and Sagan

And don’t feel bad for Sagan. He has some impressions of his own up his onesie sleeve. His more passionate cries sound a bit like a goat. He can also do a pretty solid Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking And Sagan
Stephen Hawking and Sagan (Hawking Source Image by Rob Bodman)

He still needs to fine tune his Obama though.


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