Yuri’s Night and National Sibling Day

May 16, 2011 at 1:00 am 3 comments

In one weekend, I had two adventures that were already covered in other blogs, so I can just ride their coattails!

Yuri’s Night
On Saturday, April 9th, Ryan and I took the Metro up to Rosslyn, Virginia to attend an “Out of This World Party” that was celebrating Yuri’s Night, an annual dance celebration of Yuri Gagarin being the first man in space. This year, Yuri’s Night was particularly meaningful because it’s the 50th Anniversary of Human Space Flight.

Ryan wrote up a full recap and even disclosed Ska Band Eastern Standard Time‘s ingenius Tetris-inspired ploy to cox people out onto the dance floor!

Here is my only addition.  I LOVE dancing and that night, I found myself 5 1/2 months pregnant doing what I love.  Dancing….with my husband…. surrounded by robots and ET (who was drinking a beer).

How lucky am I?!?!

Dance Floor
Yuri’s Night Dancing!

National Sibling Day
I wrote earlier about my friends celebrating a holiday every day in 2011 on their blog The Year of Living Unofficially.  They are still going strong!  On April 10th, they had their National Siblings Day celebration.  Because my sister and I are… well, sisters, we got to come along!  That meant Pregnant Vicky not only got an afternoon of good company… but she got a pizza buffet and a ice cream sundae bar as well! Even the sketchy scoring Skeeball machine (100’s were scored as 40. 40’s were scored as 20. 20’s were scored as 0) could not dampen the festivities. Brittany and Chris wrote up a full recap of the day on their blog.

20110410 0 - 1545ish - National Siblings Day - Vicky, Carolyn, Chris (bg)
National Siblings Day!

Once again, how lucky am I?  : )

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