Science Fair Season on Hunter Street

December 8, 2010 at 1:00 pm 3 comments

It’s Science Fair season again! Last year, Ryan and I helped Shadonna with her project– “How Does Humidity Effect Plants?” We took four babies off my spider plant (which was once a baby itself on my paternal grandmother’s plant), grew two in “normal Vicky & Ryan Kitchen Air” and two in humid, ziplock bags. The plants grown in the ziplocks ended up so much greener and happier! That experiment definitely left an impression on me. This summer when I started some new baby spider plants for myself– I started them off in a ziplock bag as well. : )

Science Experiment - Plant in Dry Environment versus Plant in Humid Environment
Flash Back to Shadonna’s Experiment.
The Plant on the Right was Grown in a Ziplock Bag

This year another one of my house plants gets to contribute! 4th grader Tyrek decided to do an experiment on “The Effect of Salt on Plants”. He’s going to give three plants fresh water, three plants brackish water and three plants salt water. This time it’s my Philodendron who’s up to bat. This Philodendron wasn’t originally mine. I inherited it in the late 90’s from the CEO of a company I used to work for! To get the nine plants we planted cuttings off that Philodendron. Here’s Tyrek in action:

Tyrek's Science Fair 2010 - Cutting Plants From Above
Tyrek Getting Philodendron Cuttings

Tyrek's Science Fair 2010 - Planting
Tyrek Planting the Cuttings

Tyrek's Science Fair 2010 - Our Plants
Labeled Plants

Tyrek's Science Fair 2010 - Measuing Plants
Tyrek Taking Initial Measurements

Tyrek's Science Fair 2010 - Taking Notes From Front
Tyrek Recording Notes

Tyrek's Science Fair 2010 - Salt Fail
Tyrek Pours Salt (Good Thing We Had Extra!)

Tyrek's Science Fair 2010 - Mixing Salt
Tyrek Preparing Brackish and Salt Water Mixtures

It’s been 16 days so far since the cuttings were planted. I haven’t been taking the detailed measurements Tyrek has, but just from what I noticed when I’m waiting for my morning coffee, it does appear that all the fresh water and brackish water plants are doing well, but two of the salt water plants are starting to wilt.

We’ll see how it goes. Either way, I’m thrilled my humble, silent houseplants have managed to participate two years in a row. : )

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  • 1. Kitty  |  December 8, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    I love how involved with your neighborhood you are!! It sounds like you and the neighborhood kids have a great relationship! What a great way to be friends–through science! This makes me want to ring some doorbells around here and find some kids to befriend. How did you end up building such an open relationship? It’s very cool.

  • […] On Tuesday night, Tyrek came over and finished up his report and backboard for the J.C. Sawyer Science Fair. […]

  • 3. P4p3rDr4g0n  |  March 7, 2011 at 4:53 am

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