Heart in Nature – Via Facebook!

June 10, 2010 at 5:00 am Leave a comment

Recently Facebook sent me a message that an old co-worker tagged me in a picture.

Ooooh….that can’t be good,” I thought. I hadn’t seen her in about a decade. Whatever picture she had of me was one I didn’t remember. It had the potential for embarrassment.

As a I clicked on the link, I noticed the picture was in a folder called “Mobile Uploads”.

Mobile Uploads?!?! Did cell phones even take pictures back then?”

It turns out it was indeed a mobile upload shot. It was a recent one. Not of me, but of something I would appreciate!

Courtesy of ever-lovely Jennifer Maccherone, here’s a great Heart in Nature… via Facebook!

Heart In Nature By Jennifer Maccherone
Heart Shaped Knot (Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Maccherone)

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Old Rag – Favorite Shots Buffalo Mountain Natural Area Preserve…via Facebook!

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