Pearle Vision and Rack Room Shoes in Coastland Center Mall

October 30, 2009 at 5:00 am 5 comments

My cousin’s wife writes a blog called The Daily Krier. Regularly she will detail stories of customer service failures and successes. I happen to have a positive experience to contribute, so I’m going to follow her lead.  Unfortunately, I have to highlight a negative customer experience to get to the good stuff– so bear with me!

Customer Service Failure – Delta Airlines

In late September Ryan and I traveled down to Naples, Florida for a wedding. Our trip was brief, we arrived in Naples 2 AM Saturday morning and we flew out early Sunday afternoon around 3 PM. On our flight there, Delta Airlines lost our luggage. Didn’t seem like a big deal at the time–it’s happened to me before and I get the luggage the next morning. Only this time, even though our luggage was supposedly only 2 hours behind us, it did not arrive until 5:30 PM on Saturday. This posed a problem as the wedding started at 3 PM and our warddrobe was limited. Case in point, all I had on me was a pair of dirty jeans, a dirty shirt and a complimentary T-shirt Delta gave me.

Naples - Vicky's Beach Attire Courtesy of Delta Airlines
My Wedding Warddrobe?

So instead of visiting with family, including all three of my grandmother’s living siblings, or seeing the beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, Ryan and I had to frantically run to a mall and buy clothes and toiletries.

Delta felt very little concern for our situation, upon hearing about it, the baggage service staff defensively pointed out that we have to give Delta 24 hours to return our luggage. (Ideally, I would have liked to have been alerted to that on Friday night when we were given a choice between waiting for the luggage for two hours or having it delivered. Also ideally, you probably shouldn’t advertise that you deliver to hotels 24 hours a day and instruct us to alert the front desk about the coming baggage as that gives the very false expectation that you intend to deliver overnight).

Anyway, what is done is done. Delta Airlines went out of their way to demonstrate how little they value our money. Luckily for Delta, they don’t need to worry about being taxed with our business ever again.

But on to the good story!!! We had completely different experiences with the vendors of Coastland Center Mall. Upon hearing about our predicament, two vendors helped us out.

Customer Service Success – Rack Room Shoes
Coastland Center Mall
1886 Tamiami Trl N
Naples, FL 34102

(239) 403-0441

The manager of the store, overheard Ryan and I talking about our situation, so he came up to the register and gave us half off one of our pairs of shoes. Our shoes did not qualify for a current sale in the store but, unsolicited, he gave us the discount anyway.

Customer Service Success – Pearle Vision
Coastland Center Mall
1894 N. Tamiami Trail
Naples, FL 34102
(239) 262-4881

I walked into the store and stated, “This is a long shot but….” I explained the lost luggage, showed them my prescription and asked if I could get a pair of contacts. Lo and behold, the staff emerged with a box for each eye (10 contacts total). I handed them my credit card and they wouldn’t take it. They refused. They were considering it free samples.

Thanks in part to both of these vendors, Ryan and I were significantly more presentable at the wedding.

Naples - Vicky and Ryan
Final Wedding Warddrobe

Now here’s what’s absolutely amazing. Both of these organizations knew I wasn’t living in Naples. They knew I was traveling and that in all likelihood they would never ever see me again. There was no opportunity for repeat business. They had nothing to gain for their generosities, but they extended the courtesies anyway. They took better care of Delta customers than Delta!

So, my deep gratitude to both Rack Room Shoes and Pearle Vision. If you are ever in the Naples area, pay them a visit and reward their kindness.

Though, I wouldn’t recommend using Delta to get there. : )

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  • 1. Anne  |  October 30, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    You tell them, Vicky!!!

  • 2. geekhiker  |  November 3, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Heh – Delta values your money. Just not you. In fact, if you could just book a flight and then not actually board the plane, they’d think you’re the perfect customer!

  • 3. Kristina  |  November 3, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    I will have many opportunities to visit Naples once I move back to Sarasota, and I will most definitely keep in mind the folks at Coastland Center Mall if I am in the area.

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