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May 26, 2009 at 12:28 pm 6 comments

In her book, Between Earth and Sky: Our Intimate Connection to Trees, Nalini Nadkarni dedicates an entire chapter to “Symbols and Signs”. A small part of that chapter discusses business logos. A few years ago, one of Nadkarni’s students, Jade Leone Blackwater, collected and analyzed tree-related logos. Within only a few days she found over 200 logos. Trees, it turns out, are common in corporate branding.

Last week, Google unveiled their Doodle 4 Google Winners. School children were asked to sketch a Google Logo representing “What I Wish For the World”. Just like professionally designed logos, trees make frequent appearances. Out of this year’s 400 State Finalists, 90 artists, including this year’s winner Christin Engelberth, incorporated a tree into their design.

Nadkarni and Blackwater spotted trends in the tree-related logos they looked at. Some of those same themes can be seen in the Doodle 4 Google entries. Many of the young artists used trees to support messages of sustainability, taking care of the environment, green living and recycling. Sometimes a tree was used to identify a place, such as a beach in paradise or an African Savannah. But most telling are the remaining entries. They used trees to convey a myriad of messages– Love, Safety, Friendship, Peace, Happiness, Fun, Hope, Completion, Longevity, Harmony.

Let the War Leaf
Elijah Griffin

One Happy World
Jessica Hsueh

Gavins Google Respect & Renewal
Gavin Raitt Hughes

Happy World
Aravind Arunachalam

Grace Para

Beautiful Land
Kelly Majid

Keep Our Animals Alive
Claire Yuka Bellas

Love Peace Harmony Joy & Happiness
Eshia Rustagi

Treat The Environment Better
Maredeth Steever

Simple Life
Ally Grimes

Sarah Cook

A World Full Of Pets
Alaina Beaver

I Wish For Love
Brooklynn Leary

I Wish For Safety
Kennedy Zufelt

Natasha Marko

Its Good To Be Green
Dakota Brooke Young

Recycling Doodle
Steven Leal

Keep The Earth Clean
Evelyn Larson

Care For The Flowers
Elyse Larson

Recycle For Beautiful Green World
Harshitha Kosaraju

Go Green With Google
Conor Kiely

Helping The World
Galila Lingo

Go Green Recycle
Angeline Faieq

Recycle For The Future
Alyssa Ruehlow

For World Friendship
Elizabeth Boulet

Taylor Hope Mcgraw

Help The World Be Green
Sabah K Islam

I Want The World
Gabrielle Smith

Feed Our Animals
Nicole M Dowling

The Better World
Carli Marie Lynch

A Green Peaceful World
Annie Tsai

Peace Love Hapiness
Jessica Sandler

Conserving Nature
Ashton Brashier

Go Green
Nick Amann

Peaceful World
Logan Stephens

Conserve The Earth
Carlos Lopez

Purple Pants?
Loey Gregory Wiley

Caring Does Matter
Jocelyn K Lee

Endangered Species Matter
Courtney Bodine

Wishes For Peace
Abbigail Barber

Happiness For All
Marissa Schuldheisz

Cleaning Up The World
Adam Cowell

Going Green
Sherry Lambert

Always Having What You Need
Hayden Furman

A New Beginning
Christin Engelberth

Sun And Fun
Austen Westenskow

Electric Tree
Abigail Pearl

Saving More Endangered Species
Arizza Santos

Cleansing The World
Ryan Gielow

Katherine Seeman

Beauty And Peace
Ines Slomic

Haley Pontius

Save The Planet
Tiffany Patmon

Unite The World
Ally Weaver

Camille Saadia Hancock

Live Life
Anna Kapton

Put Things In Perspective
Bridget Johnston

Going Green
Cally Nielsen

Save The Rainforests
Kathleen Stanford

Autumn Ibach

Google Green
Sarah Cozzens

World Happiness
Celeste Herrera

Peace And Happiness
Angelica-Eeva Melissa Digiulio

Ideal World
Sarah Mcnaughton

A Day In Paradise
Callie Roberts

Our Common Home
Kathleen Hazleton

Beauty Of Our Envinronment
Abigail I Ray

An Original World
Janae Mehlhaff

Be Seen Being Green
Jadon Mann

Fading Away
Victoria Wolf

Things That Can Change
Yedi Han

Google For Green
Camille Ohman

How The World Can Connect
Lydia Stevens

United We Stand
Amy Muser

If Everyone Lends A Hand…
Charlotte Markle

Peace For The World
Kelsey Carpenter

What A Wonderful World
Josh Voshell

A Wish For Vitual Reality
Natasha Gemine

Change For The World
Keolamaikalani Ahina

Outside Technology Clear Your Mind
Kelsey Driscoll

The Elements Of Completion
Alexandra Olivier

Facing Humanity
Britteny Hudson

Power Plant
Kyle Butterhof

Amanda Kehoe

I Wish
Meaghan Parker

A Peace And Love World
Joseph Park

Google Doodle
Jose Alexander Vazquez

Long Lasting World
Jamayra Ortiz

Google Go Green
Jourdan Stallknecht

Beautiful Harmony
Stephanie Georgeson

P.S. If we counted tree-related products such as fruit and leaves, the tally would be even higher!


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  • 1. Anne  |  May 26, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    I like “For World Friendship”

  • 2. ideonexus  |  May 29, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    I enjoyed sitting next to you while you were sorting through every single logo Google had online:

    Vicky: Is that a tree?

    Me: Maybe.

    Vicky: How about that one?

    Me: Uhhhh…?

    It’s amazing how many you found. : )

  • […] Vicky was searching through children’s variations on the Google logo for her Google Doodle Trees post, one logo caught my eye. It was a wish to “Bring back the dinosaurs.” I know the […]

  • 4. Loey  |  March 11, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    I was one of those! The “Purple Pants?” one. Except that wasn’t my drawing… they put up the wrong picture, or the wrong name. I did one about music and arts, that was fifth grade…

  • 5. eli Logan  |  January 5, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    It’s hard to come by educated people in this particular subject, however, you seem like you know what
    you’re talking about! Thanks


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