Recycling Baldcypress Trees

April 22, 2009 at 12:00 am 1 comment

Happy Earth Day!  Today, events will be held around the world to raise awareness about the environment.  There will be discussions about sustainability and recycling will be a hot topic.  A number of communities are holding recycling events.  Abbottford, British Columbia is doing an open house at their recycling facilities and Stuyvesant, Pennsylvania is even conducting something called a “recycling race”.

Nature has been a predecessor and on more than one occassion, the inspiration, of human processes and products.  Velcro was inspired when George de Mestral and his dog kept picking up burrs in the Alps.  Mimicking the bumps on humpback whale fins may prove to increase the efficiency of wind turbines.  And when it comes to recycling, once again nature serves as an excellent role model.

Here in Elizabeth City, North Carolina I get to see nature recycle with almost every outdoor adventure.  In particular, I witness reuse of the beautiful baldcypress trees.  Baldcypress trees can grow in water.  When the tree dies, other species find the remains to be attractive real estate in the swamps and rivers.  I definitely expected to see moss, but I do have to say I was surprised by how commonly shrubs and trees take root in old stumps.  The recycling effort isn’t offlimits to the animal kingdom.  Barnacles and Canadian Geese are involved as well.

In celebration of Earth Day and the power of recycling, here are photos of nature reusing baldcypress trees.

Merchant's Millpond State Park - Lassiter Swamp - Moss on Fallen Tree
Moss Takes Over Fallen Tree, Lassiter Swamp

Camden Causeway Park - New Life Out of Stump (Close)
Small Plants Find a Home, Camden Causeway Park

Merchant's Millpond Canoeing - Nature Takes Over Large Stump
Shrubs on a Safe Platform, Merchant Millpond

Merchant's Millpond Canoeing - Pine in Old Stump (Close)
Pine Tree Thrives, Merchant Millpond

Newbold-White House - Third Tree in Tree Lit Up
Tree Inside a Tree, Newbold-White House

Newbold-White House - Tree Grows on Cypress Stump in River (Close)
Baby Tree, Perquimans River

Camden - Barnacles on Old Cypress Roots 2
Barnacles, Pasquotank River

Merchant's Millpond Canoeing - Goose Eggs
Canadian Goose Nest, Merchant’s Millpond

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