Hunter Street Headgear

February 22, 2009 at 7:16 pm 1 comment

Years after Abraham Lincoln was railsplitting American Chestnut trees, he popularized the stovepipe hat in the U.S. In Hollywood, Justin Timberlake claims that it was he, not Ashton Kutcher, who started the trucker hat trend. Here on Hunter Street in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, it appears we have a headgear trend setter of our own.

Ryan Somma.

Earlier this week, one of the neighborhood kids, Armani, put on Ryan’s bamboo hat and was wearing it around the house. When I was floating around the British Virgin Islands, I discovered I had a stowaway in my luggage – Ryan’s “Hillbilly Hat” and I just had to try it on (Note: some argue it is more of an Amish hat). Finally in November, young Jacal from across the street needed a new MySpace profile pic. So he put on Ryan’s Mad Scientist wig and goggles.

Three times in the last three months, someone has not only copied Ryan’s sense of style– but donned the actual garment:

Ryan, The Headwear Trend Setter of Hunter Street
Ryan August 2008, Armani February 2009

Ryan, The Headwear Trend Setter of Hunter Street
Ryan September 2008, Vicky December 2008

Ryan, The Headwear Trend Setter of Hunter Street
Ryan November 2008, Jacal November 2008

And for those of you looking for a scoop on future trends– I’m looking at Ryan Somma right now and he isn’t wear anything on his head.

I repeat– there is nothing on his head.

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