Virgin Islands: Sunset Loop on Peter Island

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Saturday morning, I “overslept”. By the time I woke up, my uncle and aunt-to-be were all ready to go hiking on Peter Island. I scrambled around, slooshed on sunscreen and stuffed breakfast into a ziplock bag so I could join them.

We started off at the Marina in Sprat Bay. We walked up a road to the top. Once we reached the Falcon’s Nest resort we turned left. After about a mile, that road led to a section of trail called Sunset Loop. Once we completed that scenic circle, we hiked back to Falcon’s Nest and then took a road down to White Bay and Beach on the other side of the island where our boat was already waiting for us. I believe we went about 4-5 miles and the elevation gain was  humble– 600 feet.

My uncle calls this “The Signature Hike of the BVI” and with good cause. The views are prevalent and the views are stunning. From our hike, we got to watch our boat leave Sprat Bay and then later we got to see it enter White Bay! As a finale, ice cold water and brightly colored chairs greet you at the top of Sunset Loop.

Deadman’s Beach from the hike

Falcon’s Nest Resort from the hike

Rocky shore near Big Reef Bay

View from Sunset Loop

Colored chairs invite you to stay a while.


Today was cactus day! Actually, every day had its cacti, just this particular day I got a lot of cactus photos.

Cacti growing on a rocky hillside

By far the most prevalent cactus we saw was “Pipe Organ Cactus.” If you aren’t juvenile enough to snicker at that name, there is another one for you. It also goes by “Dildo Cactus

Dildo Cactus. Uh, no thank you, I’ll pass.

These vines apparently find Dildo Cactus appealing

We also spotted this guy. I think he may be Barrel Cactus, otherwise known as “Turk’s Cap Cactus”

Turk’s Cap Cactus?


We heard and saw more goats, but at this point the novelty was long gone. But we did get introduced to this lovely lady. She’s an American Kestrel and we got to watch her hunt and feed.

American Kestrel

On the dead fauna front, there was a lot of old coral washed up on the White Bay Beach. It so intricate and marvelously constructed. Coral may put Yellow Jackets to shame.

Small pieces of coral on Peter Island

An Observation From the Sovereign

Before we left on our outing, one of the crew members of the Sovereign said something to me:

“You know, you guys are the first group we’ve had that said they like to hike and then actually do it. Usually everyone says they like hiking and then it’s, ‘Nah, I’m too hungover. Eh, I’m tired.’ But you guys actually go out there and hike.”

Her comment made me very proud of my family. Over the course of the trip, we went on four different hikes – the top of Jost Van Dyke, The Baths at Virgin Gorda, Gorda Peak National Park and Sunset Loop at Peter Island. We saw a lot of great views and had a lot of great conversations. I’m so glad my first trip to the Virgin Islands was with people who liked to hike.

They rule.

More pictures of Peter Island are available on my Flickr site.


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