Henry’s First Hike Back

November 10, 2008 at 8:00 am 3 comments

A number of years ago, I’d go with one of my girlfriends to Agility and Flyball classes for her dogs. I remember one time I showed up at an Agility practice and there was a yellow lab hobbling around, barely able to move its hind legs. The dog had suffered a back injury and had been paralyzed, but it slowly regained the ability to walk. When I first saw that dog, I had some negative thoughts about the owner. It was obviously injured– how dare they force it to go through this obstacle course. But when I took a closer look– I could see the dog wagging its tail, I could see it get antsy and bark just waiting for its turn. This dog LOVED doing Agility and although it was a difficult task and the animal took its time weaving through the course, it clearly loving every single moment.

I thought about that dog and its passion when I saw Henry hike Douthat State Park last month. This was his first “real” hike since his ligament tear last spring. We took the Blue Suck Falls Trail up to Lookout Rock and back. He looked so incredibly happy to be back! He was constantly wagging his tail, he ran up and down the trail ahead of me, found plenty to sniff and like the yellow lab in Agility, he appeared to love every single moment.

I tend to share more Jimmie pictures than Henry– because Jimmie is by far the easier to photograph. But today’s post will share a Henry hiking shot.

Welcome back!

Henry enjoying the Blue Suck Falls Trail

More pictures of the Blue Suck Falls Trail and Douthat State Park are available on my Flickr site.


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