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Hallie Daggett’s 95th Year Anniversary

Today is the 95th Anniversary of when Hallie Daggett started working as a Fire Lookout. What’s special about that? She was the first female lookout for the U.S. Forest Service! She had impressed the Assistant Fire Ranger with her detailed knowledge of the area and beat out two male candidates.

One of the most untiring and enthusiastic applicants which I have for the position is Miss Hallie Morse Daggett, a wide-awake woman of 30 years, who knows and has traversed every trail on the Salmon River watershed, and is thoroughly familiar with every foot of the District.

– Mr. M.H. McCarthy, Assistant Fire Ranger

On June 1, 1913, she started work. She was stationed in GeekHiker‘s great state of California at Klamath Peak in the Siskiyou Mountains. She held the position for 15 years and reported 40 fires.

To put it in national perspective, this is 4 years before suffragist Alice Paul was incarcerated and force-fed in the Occoquan Workhouse and this was 7 years before the 19th Amendment was passed.

So Hallie Daggett– You go, girl!

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