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Man vs. Girls Gone Wild

Wow!  At first, I didn’t think I was going to like this, but this turned out to be a really solid parody of Man vs. Wild:

Man vs. Girls Gone Wild Video*

My brother isn’t familiar with the show, so I briefed him with just two YouTube clips and he was well equipped to see the resemblance .

Bear shows how to strip before jumping in a bog

Bear Grylls drinks elephant dung

*Note: If you found this site searching for “emetophobia”, then the Man vs. Girls Gone Wild video is probably not up your alley.  🙂

February 8, 2008 at 12:23 am 2 comments

They Might Be Giants at 9:30 Club

Whoops– after 2+ months, I still never published this post about a They Might Be Giants concert in *November* My sister wants to read it, so here we go:

My sister did a very detailed recap of the concert on her blog. How detailed? Why, very detailed. She even covered our visit to the bar before the band went on:

Vicky looked at a menu, but didn’t want anything. We talked about tampons and yeast infections and all sorts of stuff like that. Kipp talked about his upcoming trip with Casey to Spain, and his past trip to Iceland with Julie.

Yup, every They Might Be Giants fan scouring the Internet wondering whether or not I ordered food can rest easy. 🙂

Anyway, because Carolyn was so thorough, I just have a few addendums.

Project Runway!!!!
The band made a Project Runway reference! When they first came out, they did the typical interaction with the audience.

TMBG: We are so excited to be here in Washington, D.C….
(Crowd cheers)
TMBG: Performing here at the 9:30 Club
(Crowd cheers)
TMBG: …And we are really excited about the new season of Project Runway
(Vicky cheers)

Energy Level
Carolyn’s blog covered the energy level of the audience:

Speaking of annoying, I was also annoying because I was singing along and dancing, and it didn’t seem like the people around me were dancing all that much. Vicky also mentioned that the energy level was really low in the audience. Oh well.

When I first mentioned the energy level to Carolyn, it was really an observation. But the more I think about it, the more disappointed I am. I go to concerts for the crowd energy. I expect to jump around. I expect to dance and I expect to get terribly sweaty and nasty. But that didn’t happen. Very few people moved at all. At times I would look up at the balconies and see a bunch of stone-faced fans watching as still as they could be.

And I think it is the band to attribute this to. At the beginning of the show, they gave the crowd a lecture– saying if they saw people pushing or shoving they were going to stop the show altogether. Between that announcement, a lot of the talking comedy bits, and the extended erratic jamming, they really didn’t command the audience to move.

Now their performance was solid and interesting enough. But compare them to Gogol Bordello. Both bands sports eight+ performers. Both bands have very eccletic instrumentation– heck both bands feature an accordion! But the energy levels of both shows were complete opposites.

As fond as I am of They Might Be Giants, in the years to come, it will be the Gogol Bordello show that will stand the most firm in my memory.

February 7, 2008 at 9:35 am 2 comments

Special Guest Star on House

On Sunday after the Super Bowl, a brand new episode of “House” aired with a special guest star. Nah, I’m not talking about Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, I’m talking about the CamelBak bottle Mira Sorvino’s character used!

These bottles rule! They are durable with a CamelBak tip on the lid for drinking.

Camelbak Bottle

Mira Sorvino drinks out of a CamelBak Bottle on House

Mira Sorvino holds up her CamelBak Bottle

Now I personally don’t use the official CamelBak bottle. Instead, I use an REI 32 ounce wide-mouthed Nalgene bottle with a CamelBak Bite Valve Lid for it. I like this version better because the wide mouth is compatible with MSR water filters.

However, I do have to admit most of my bottle’s usage is coming from computer programming and not hiking. I have been filling it up and taking it with me when I work.

My messy end table, my Nalgene bottle with CamelBak tip, and my laptop

February 6, 2008 at 10:29 am 4 comments

Lent ’08

Yikes. Lent snuck up on me this year– I didn’t realize it started this week until Monday when I noticed Mardi Gras decorations up at the local Cajun restaurant. This year I’m giving up two things:

  • Red Meat
  • Text Messaging While Driving

Red meat builds off Lent ’06 where I gave up beef. Text messaging while driving has no precedence, but it is a bad habit I should definitely curb.

For the last 4 years, desserts have always been on the list. This means this year I can actually have cake on my birthday. Others may benefit as well. Apparently my giving up desserts presents a hardship to my loved ones. A couple of years ago, I called my mother one morning.

“Hey Mom, I have a question for ya.”

“Oh gawd,” she groaned, “Are you trying to decide if a pancake is a dessert again?”

My question was not related to Lent at all, but her reaction certainly said a lot about our past conversations. 🙂

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Hubba Hubba

Bear Grylls just got back from Africa filming some more Man vs. Wild episodes.  It sounds like these episodes may end up being his sexiest ever:

From being dropped into the infamous southern Atlantic swells off the Skeleton Coast, doing battle with large puff adders, to riding some of the biggest rapids in the world; to then getting diarrehea hanging off a sheer rock face, making a canoe out of a dead zebra, and then being caught in a pit with a ravaged giant porcupine! No-one can say life is dull.

I love a good diarrhea story (the more awkward the better!) and I do love seeing Bear Grylls taking his pants off.  This certainly sounds like an episode right down my alley.

February 3, 2008 at 8:01 pm 2 comments

Frozen Stiles Falls

A hiking acquaintance of mine, Carl Cospel, visited Stiles Falls in Shawsville’s Camp Alta Mons last week. The falls were completely frozen and quite a sight! Here’s one of his pictures:

Stiles Falls – January 28, 2008 (Photo by Carl Cospel)

And for comparison. Here is a picture of the falls during the summer:

Stiles Falls – August 13, 2006

Again I find myself believing waterfalls are prettier in the winter. More pictures of winter Stiles Falls and summer Stiles Falls can be found on our respective Flickr sites.

February 3, 2008 at 11:59 am 4 comments

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