Why is this Guy Still Friends With Me?

January 3, 2008 at 10:10 am 1 comment

During our Nerd Squad outings, I managed to injure Brian N yet again. This has become a lifelong pattern. Here are three examples:

Physics Book
Junior year of high school I somehow dropped Brian’s hefty Physics book onto his groin (I can’t recall the mechanics but I think he was seated and I knocked the book off his desk).  As Brian doubled over, he did manage to choke one statement out:

“I’m glad I’m not taking A.P.”

(The A.P. Physics books were significantly heavier!)

Vicky Wusses Out
Sometime in college or high school, Brian and I were outside and there was a wire hanging across a road to block out motor traffic. We decided we would both run and jump over the wire. We start our approach and all is well, but once we got up to the wire and I saw how high it really was I lost my nerve and stopped. Unfortunately, I did not stop soon enough– I hit that wire and put it in motion. This meant when Brian made his leap, he had a moving target to avoid. Brian was less than successful at that added challenge. The wire ended up slicing him all the way down one of his shins. I don’t think he needed stitches, but it looked pretty gruesome.

Screen Door
And the trend continues now that we are adults. On Saturday, Brian and I dropped Alex off with some rival nerds for a party. We went in briefly to visit and then it was back out to the car. I left the premises first. It turns out the screen door was very tightly sprung. As soon as I let go of the screen door it went hurling backwards and slammed into Brian. So as he returned home to Texas on Sunday, he had an extra souvenir to take home– a nice bruise on his shoulder.

So far, I haven’t hospitalized Brian…yet. I guess there is always next year.


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Nerd Squad! Kick Ass Christmas Card

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  • 1. Aaron  |  January 7, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    He should name you as his beneficiary, just in case you do manage to kill or maim him seriously.


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