December 2, 2007 at 12:13 am 1 comment

Tonight, my former employer had their annual Christmas Party.  I still have a great number of friends at that company and in some Christmas Parties past there had been DANCING.  So I really, really wanted to go.  But alas, I’m not employed there… I needed some kind of plan.   Luckily, in the computer industry, there are a lot of single guys.  So I solicited a few of my former colleagues to see if they needed a date.  No one seemed to be particularly interested in my escort services until about 15 minutes before the festivities began!  

Kevin and Eric called me and asked if I wanted to tag along with them.  Booyah!  I shed my cameo pants and my Virginia Tech hoodie and then I put on some contacts, makeup and a blue dress.  Our timing was perfect– Kevin and Eric arrived just as I finished re-blowdrying my hair.

We made our way to the Inn at Virginia Tech and when we first entered the ballroom, the surprise was evident.  A number people gasped and someone uttered, “Oh… my… gawd!”

I expected people to be surprised, but I didn’t expect a reaction to that extent!  I immediately smiled and started waving to all my former co-workers.

It was when people rushed up and ran behind me that I realized….  No one was surprised by *ME*.  They were all surprised that Eric was there.  It turns out this was the first time he had been to a company Christmas Party in six years. 


Well, I may not have surprised people, but I did have a good time.  I got to visit with a lot of people I haven’t seen much of this past year.  I found two people who want to sign up for Virginia AT License plates and I got to have a lengthy discussion about American Chestnuts with a man who hiked the whole Appalachian Trail in 1987.  I left the event quite pleased.

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  • 1. Aaron  |  December 6, 2007 at 10:04 am


    “Luckily, in the computer industry, there are a lot of single guys.”

    That was funny. Oddly enough, very true, too. 😉 Believe it or not, it’s the married guys in the office that are always hard-up for some action. I know single guys that haven’t been laid in months and they complain less than the married guys that haven’t gotten any in a week. Go figure.


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