Positive Stories From the Americas

November 8, 2007 at 8:20 am 2 comments

I have two positive stories to share today from two seperate continents!  One comes from North America and the other from South America.

Bald Eagles Nest
When Katie and I toured the mine at Logan Lake, they took us by some old pits and explained their reclamation efforts.  This particular mine has won awards for their sustainability efforts and I can buy that.  We passed by hundreds of bluebird boxes the environmental engineering team had set up and multiple employees had their work areas decorated with pictures of wildlife spotted on mine property.  Granted, those employees were all on the environmental team.  🙂

At one scenic pond, Katie and I spied a pole covered with large sticks.

“What’s that?!” I asked.

“A bald eagle’s nest,” our tour guide replied.

He then proceeded to tell us how that utility pole and the nest were originally located near the active, and very loud, mine.  After the eagles took a liking to it, the company decided to relocate the structure to a more relaxing neighborhood for the tenants.  They weren’t told to do it– they decided to do it themselves.  Using a helicopter, they moved pole to its current location.  The tour guide shared the cost of that venture.  It wasn’t cheap.

But their investment was rewarded– the next year, eagles returned and used the same pole to nest.  This year I’m told some squatters grabbed the nest first.   A Canadian goose laid and hatched her eggs there.  The mine has a web cam set up so they can watch the nest proceedings, be it eagle or goose.  I sure wish I was there during nesting season.  That would have been a neat feed to watch.

Anyway, I rather enjoyed hearing about the nest move.  It pleases me to know there are companies that will take the initiative to do something like that on their own dime (Yup, Canada has dimes).

Larry’s Park!!!
In July of 2006, Larry visited a small village in Ecuador.  After he left, he donated money to some students so they could build a park.  Now it is DONE and Larry just received pictures of his investment today:

The park Larry helped finance!

A sign saying something about a park… and Larry!

How freaking cool is that?!?!?!?!?!?!  I now have a new aspiration in life.

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  • 1. HokieTT  |  November 8, 2007 at 8:40 am

    I have become incredibly cynical when it comes to the intentions of companies. Between your old employer and a certain other company which for the time being will remain nameless, it sickens me the way they operate. I am hopeful that there are companies with better intentions that treat their employees well and try to improve the world instead of usurping from it. So it’s nice to see something like this. I hope it’s all true. If it’s not, the business world really does suck.

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