ECU vs. VT Pictures

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Well…. the actual game was a bit of a let-down for me.  But I did have my camera and I was able to capture some parts about the Lane Stadium experience (Not all ones that I favor).  And now I share with you!

I freaking love flyovers!  One time I was on my deck alone and some war planes passed by.  I still felt compelled to cheer.  Yesterday, two F-15s flew over after the national anthem.  I cheered.

I *LOVE* Flyovers!!!!!

Virginia State Flag
I first noticed our team running out on the field with the Virginia flag after September 11.  They may have done it before, but every since I noticed it, I’m touched by the state pride.  This season, they added another flag to the mix– the VT Ribbon. 

Team is accompanied by three flags– Virginia, VT Ribbon and U.S.

Block That Kick
Even though I’m a football fraud, I’ve traveled to a number of away games (UVA, West Virginia, Pitt, Boston College, Rutgers, Temple, Texas A&M, Wake Forest as well as four bowl games) and have gotten to see a lot of school traditions and gestures.  What I have never seen was another team that embraces the fourth down as much as Virginia Tech.  We take pride in our special teams and it really shows when the other team is punting or trying to kick a field goal.  The crowd almost unanimously gestures for “Block that Kick”.  It is quite a sight.  I think it looks like little worms.

Block that Kick!  See the section in the upper right where hands are not raised?  That’s the ECU section! 🙂

I like how even if I’m in the stadium, I can enjoy the beauty of our mountains.


Key Play
Eh, I’m more of a subscriber to our fourth down gestures.  On third downs when we’re on defense, fans shake their keys.  I didn’t think there were that many people who participated, until I took pictures.

A fan (very enthused) shakes his keys.  Cassell Colliseum is in the background.

Wow, that many people shake their keys?!?  I never noticed!

Stick It In!
When our offense gets in the red zone, the crowd joins the band and the cheerleaders in the “Stick It In” song.  The lyrics are quite deep:

Oo-oh  Oo-oh  Oo-oh  Oo-oh
Oo-oh  Oo-oh  Oo-oh  Oo-oh 
Stick It In!
Stick It In!
Stick It In!

Sometimes the cheerleaders try to remind the crowd of the tricky lyrics by holding up the O and the H (from H-O-K-I-E-S).  Anyway, I tried to take pictures of people dancing to the Stick It In song.  Sadly, our opportunities were limited and the pictures I did take didn’t do it justice.  BUT– I did get this picture of a guy wearing a shirt inspired by the song.

Stick It In!

Hokie Pokie
Okay…. this one isn’t my favorite at all, but it happens… A LOT.  Touted as “one of the greatest college band traditions in the land”, the Marching Virginias perform the Hokie Pokie.  I don’t participate, but I do like watching the goofy unison of the band as they turn themselves around.

You do the Hokie Pokie and you turn yourself around…

I’m missing a really, really good shot of the Enter Sandman frenzy when the team first comes on the field.  It is difficult to show the whole stadium moving as people jump up and down to the song.  All my shots look pretty tame compared to the motion that is actually occuring. 

Those disappointing Enter Sandman shots and more from the ECU vs. VT game can be found on my Flickr site.


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