The Things They Carried… Part II

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In 1990, Tim O’Brien published “The Things They Carried” and gave us a glimpse into the lives of Vietnam soldiers.  One of the most memorable passages was a simple manifest of the soldiers’ packs.  By describing what they carried, O’Brien showed us the dangers the soliders were up against (flak jackets, steel helmets), the harsh environment they were in (malaria, dysentery, ringworms, leeches, trenchfoot), each man’s priorities (dental floss, extra rations, tranquilizers, vitamins to help night vision, Bible) and how they felt connected to back home (comic books, letters, pot, pictures).  The inventory of the men’s packs turned out to be as telling as any tale.

And now the Roanoke Times brings us a sequel, “Note What They Tote” with one tiny, tiny, insignificant difference.  Why, I feel silly even bringing it up.  Tim O’Brien focused on the lives of soldiers risking life and limb on the other side of the world by revealing what occupied the heavy packs they humped mile after mile.  The Roanoke Times highlights the lives of contestants in the Miss Virginia pageant by showing the things they carry… in their dainty handbags.

Quick Summary:

Miss Virginia Peanut A Piece of Cabbage
Miss Hampton-Newport News Stick of Degree Deodorant
Miss Arlington Handwipes
Miss Portsmouth Seawall Banana Chips
Miss Apple Blossom Festival Stopwatch
Miss Southeastern Virginia 8×11 Photograph of Bill Clinton

And people say sequels are never better than the original!

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