The All New Deadliest Catch

June 25, 2007 at 12:42 am 1 comment

Last Friday when I was babysitting and putting Gwyn to bed, I noticed her older brother, Penn, had hung an AT sticker on his door.  That made me smile.   He’s joined me on a number of short hikes and to date, he is the only person who will walk with me to Ben and Jerry’s (everyone else insists on driving… pansies).  Now I have two more items in common with that five year old boy — we are both fans of Man vs. Wild and Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel.

It’s good timing to be a fan of those shows as they are both starting a new season.  When the advertisements for the show come on, they  emphasize when an episode is going to be new.  For example, they may start with “Next time on the all new Deadliest Catch…”

Last Wednesday, Bill grilled up a batch of fresh seafood (he picked it up in Boston before driving home) for Sean, myself, Keith, Ann and her kids.  While we waited for supper, I played in the pool with the kids. 

Me and Penn in the pool

Their past time of choice was to swim around while I “made waves”.  Pretty much, I would push off the side of the pool and spread my arms as I skimmed the surface.  Even though they seemed to get water up their noses fairly regularly, the kids loved it.  It was good exercise for me– push off one side of the pool, immediately setup and push off the other side.  Back and forth, back and forth.

Gwyn is ready for waves 

Penn kept marveling how huge the waves were (They really weren’t all that).  At one point, he surfaced and said, “WOW!!! Did you see how big that wave was?!?!  This is just like The All New Deadliest Catch!!!!”

Just like Gwyn’s “I did it!” claim at the duck pond, I thought, “Um…Not quite.”  For starters, Bill’s pool is quite a bit warmer than the Bering Sea. 

I thought Penn’s statement was amusing enough, but last night Sean brought Penn’s use of “The All New” to my attention.  We think he thinks “All New” is in the title of the show.  🙂

Quick diversion back to Bill’s seafood.  It was awesome.  I’m on a scallop kick as of late, probably having about a serving a week.  Bill’s scallops have been by far the best.  As for the best scallops in a New River Valley restaurant, I would give that honor to Cafe de Bangkok.

And now a quick diversion back to Man vs. Wild.  I bet one thing Penn and I do not have in common is our favorite part of Man vs. Wild.  My favorite parts are when Bear Grylls falls into some freezing water and has to stave off hypothermia.  What’s the first thing he does?  He has to get out of those wet clothes, of course!  My fascination doesn’t make that much sense to me.  This is a man, afterall, who squeezed fresh elephant dung above his head in order to drink the liquid.  Last episode he munched on a sheep eyeball.  I certainly wouldn’t want to kiss him, that’s for sure, but boy, I do like watching him scramble out of wet clothes.  🙂

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  • 1. PassionFish (mythruhike)  |  June 26, 2007 at 7:22 pm

    I agree with the kid! You gotta walk to eat ice cream and “man vs. wild” is the greatest show evar!!!!!!! That’s one smart kid. Or I am just immature.

    Probably the latter.. Huh?


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