Great Smoky Mountain Railroad – Tuckasegee River

May 29, 2007 at 12:33 am 4 comments

Sunday, Sean and I took a trip on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad.  They have a number of excusions to choose from.  Sean and I took the Tuckasegee River train which left Dillsboro at 1:00 PM and took us to Bryson City and back. 

The Fugitive Wreckage
One of the interesting sites of the trip is the wreckage from the movie The Fugitive.  For the scene where a train collides with the Department of Correction bus, the film makers arranged an actual train wreck outside of Dillsboro.  To make the train to appear like it derailed but to keep it somewhat controlled, they built a second set of tracks and concealed them in dirt.  The wreckage still remains in place where it ended up.

Remains of the Department of Corrections bus and the “Illinois Southern” train

The trip also took us through a tunnel through over 800 feet of rock that was dug manually with pick axes and shovels.  Throughout the journey, the ride provided us wonderful views of the surrounding area and the nearby river.

Our train and a sample of the scenery

Farmland as seen from the train

Rapids from the train

Bryson City
Our journey did include a layover in Bryson City.  Sean and I enjoyed the toy train display, but other than that, Bryson City didn’t entertain us that much.  We walked around town to explore the eateries and stores.

“It reminds me of West Virginia,” Sean said and in case I couldn’t intepret his meaning he expanded, “And that is not a compliment.”

One of the many model trains in Bryson City

Senior Citizen Center
We did stumble on a pretty cool building.  It turned out to be the Senior Citizen Center.  Later I found a postcard for the town with that building on the front representing the entire town.  In the past when we respected our elders more effectively, it may have been a different story.  But nowadays, it is not often that your best building in town is a Senior Citizen Center.    

The Rooster
Still needing to kill time for our train, we listened to a band play.  They played a Johnny Cash song and then they performed another song that was quite catchy.  Families were eating it up.  Parents were taking pictures and kids were cheering and clapping.  I wonder if they were listening to the words.  The whole song was about a rooster going around a farm and raping everything.  Hornet the duck would approve, but it’s not quite The Wiggles or Barney.  🙂

By the time the rooster rape song was done, it was time to board and head home.  The return trip was even more scenic than before.  We could have used less time in Bryson City, but overall, we had a splendid time and felt the fare was money well-spent.

More pictures from our Great Smoky Mountain Railroad trip are available on my Flickr site.

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  • 1. tgaw  |  May 29, 2007 at 12:49 am

    These lyrics sound very similiar to the rooster song we heard (though ours the rooster produced “bird dogs” when it took the dog offguard)

    From Songs Scouts Can Sing

    The Rooster
    We had some hens, no eggs would they lay,
    We had some hens, no eggs would they lay.
    My spouse said, “Honey, this isn’t funny.
    We’re loosing money.” No eggs would they lay.
    One day a rooster came into our yard,
    He caught those hens right off of their guard.

    They’re laying eggs now, just like they use ta,
    Ever since that rooster came into our yard.
    They’re laying eggs now, just like they use ta,
    Ever since that rooster came into our yard.

    We had a cow, no milk would she give, [Repeat.]
    My spouse said, “Honey, this isn’t funny.
    We’re loosing money.” No milk would she give.
    One that rooster came into our yard,
    He caught the cow right off of her guard.

    She giving eggnog, that’s more than she use ta,
    Ever since that rooster came into our yard.
    She giving eggnog, that’s more than she use ta,
    Ever since that rooster came into our yard.

    We had a field, no crops would it grow…. We’re raising eggplant….

    We had a dog, no pups did she have…. She’s delivering pooched eggs….

    Me and my wife, no kids did we have…. We’re raising egg heads….

    We had a gum machine, no gum would it give…. We’re getting chiclets….

    We had a garden, no flowers would it grow…. We’re growing chickweed….

    We had some fish, but they wouldn’t grow…. We’re raising tuna, it’s the chicken of the sea….

    We had a car, but it wouldn’t run…. We have a yolkswagen….

    We had a comedian, no laughs could he get…. He’s telling yokes now….

    We had a army, no battles did we win…. We’re getting shelled now….

    We had a cannon, but it wouldn’t fire…. We have no rooster….

  • 2. Clint  |  May 29, 2007 at 1:28 pm

    rape is also a grain

  • 3. tgaw  |  May 29, 2007 at 1:39 pm

    Rape was my word– it wasn’t in the song.

  • 4. Zooomabooma  |  May 30, 2007 at 7:13 am

    Couldn’t they clean up the bus & train? Hmmm… i bet since it’s a tourist train they left it in place as an attraction. I guess for the movie fans it’s neat. Interesting that they filmed the crash there but then Han Solo’s escape was filmed where? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? That was filmed along the Ohio River in/just outside of Paducah, Kentucky, right across the river from Illinois.

    Anyway… i really liked the train up there in NC, nice & relaxing. Was on it a few years ago. Such a beautiful area. Also loved kayaking the Nantahala!! Why do people wanna live where they can see no mountains? This I no comprendo.


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