Future of Blazing – Duct Tape?

May 20, 2007 at 11:21 pm 3 comments

In my post about John’s Creek Mountain Trail, I discussed the metal and painted blazes I encountered.  Both had their pitfalls.  Metal blazes could be eaten by the tree and painted blazes could be obscured by lichen.  Well, those two better get their act in order.  It looks like they may have some competition!

Slightly south of Thunder Ridge Shelter, we passed through an ambigious section of trail.  Some quick-thinking thru-hikers took matters in their own hands and added some intermediate blazes.  Both were made possible by good ole duct tape!

White Blaze with Duct Tape
A traditional white blaze at the prescribed proportions…. affixed by duct tape!

Duct Tape Blaze
Duct tape blaze with black electrical tape making an arrow

Thru-hikers are innovative, they have to be.  As PassionPhish pointed out, if you find multiple uses for a piece of equipment, you can pack less.  Following his own words, he has already found seven uses for…a tent stake.  So, discovering one more use for the already versatile duct tape– that’s pretty much second-nature to a thru-hiker.


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