Virginia Tech Massacre: Hate Group Keeps Wounds Fresh

April 20, 2007 at 8:25 pm 3 comments

Earlier this week, on a seemingly idle Monday, we got to witness the worst of mankind.  And then through that heartache, we got to see the best of mankind– a teacher sacrificing himself for his students, a strong father recounting his daughter’s memory with love, the prayers and outreach of countless rivals and strangers.  And now, we once again get to see the worst of mankind:

 The Westboro Baptist Church, based out of Topeka Kansas, is planning on picketing Ryan Clark’s funeral tomorrow in Georgia, presumably to show us that “God is punishing America for her sodomite sins…”  Clint alerted me to this disturbing news via a blog post of his.

I have heard many remarkable things about Ryan Clark the last few days.   The item I will remember the most in the coming decades is a snippet someone wrote on one of the memorials on the Virginia Tech Drillfield.  The author talked about how helpful and happy and uplifting Ryan Clark was and then the author said (possibly paraphrased), “I can not think of a better angel than you.”

Ryan Clark, this angel, does NOT deserve what the Westboro Baptist Church intends. is organizing Hokies and Hokie Supporters to “block these monsters” from the funerals of all 32 victims, including Ryan Clark.  If you are interested in participating, they have contact information listed on their site.  It is too late to save the victims from their untimely deaths, but hopefully there is still time to save the dignity of their services.

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