The Dirty Car

April 14, 2007 at 1:59 pm 1 comment

In our 8 days here, our rental car has managed to get quite dirty:

Dirty car– you can’t even see the license plate!

View from inside the car

Apparently our car has provided much amusement to passersby.  Friday morning, Larry and I woke up to some messages written on the back windshield.  The first one was very typical of dirty cars:

Wash Me 😦

The other one was “Fuck You”, which Larry erased.  BUT, his technique could use some improvement.  He only wiped out the middle of the letters.  After three hours of driving, we realized the message was still fully legible.  We took some corrective action.

After visiting Glacier National Park and passing by scenic Flathead Lake, Larry and I returned to Missoula, picked up Lindsay and ran the car through a car wash near the hotel.  The “Ultimate” option we selected did a fairly good job…with the exception of the back of the vehicle.  Most of the mud was gone, but a stubborn film of dirt remained.  Even with the marked improvement, the windshield continued to attract attention.  After supper last night, we discovered another message was added to the vehicle:

I Wish My Wife Was This Dirty

When I just went out to take a picture of this “new” message, I discovered an even newer response had been composed:

I Wish My Wife Was This Dirty | She Is

I suspect the mystery responder is Larry because there was also a response to the “Wash Me :(” that was still visible in the mud film:

Response to “Wash Me :(” –  I already did

I’m not sure that much more can be added to the vehicle.  If anything happens to surface, I’ll be sure let you know.  As it stands now, the employees at Enterprise will have some amusing reading material when we return the car.

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Glacier National Park Happy Birthday, Jimmie Dog

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  • 1. tgaw  |  April 16, 2007 at 2:40 am

    Some updates:

    1) Larry did write “She Is” on the vehicle, but it was Lindsay who wrote “I Already Did” in response to “Wash Me”.

    2) Ted reports that “I Wish My Wife Was This Dirty” is a frequent occurence on dirty windshields in this area.

    3) Meanwhile, Ted’s vehicle got its own messages:

    A) “FAT CHICKS RULE” on the back windshield.

    B) “I Like Penises” on one of his back windows

    Who knew Dirty Windshield Writing was such a popular past time!


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