Happy Easter!

April 8, 2007 at 1:57 am 1 comment

Happy Easter from Montana.   Larry, Lindsay and I conducted a quick celebration at the stroke of midnight (Mountain Time).  We sat in the lobby of our hotel and each ingested a complimentary DoubleTree Chocolate Chip walnut cookie.  It was delicious and satisfying – well worth waiting for.

On the cheese front, I’m not that enthused about being able to eat cheese again.  Cheese was definitely the tougher of the two to give up, but it was also the most eye opening as well.  I really don’t need cheese.  I discovered most of the items I ate before with cheese tasted comparable without it.  There were even a few dishes where I couldn’t tell a difference with or without cheese.   That means I was eating extra calories and fat for no noticeable gain. 

Most eye opening was when I had a Sub Station Meatball Sub (one of my favorite dishes ever) without cheese.  It was just as delicious than it was when it was drowned in melted mozerella cheese.  Similiarly, tacos and turcos (turkey tacos Sean and I make) tasted just as good with avocado or guacemole.  My rosemary tomato sauce was just as satisfying over penne as it was over three cheese tortillini.  The Red Robin Bleu Ribbon Burger still calls my name even when it is missing Bleu cheese.  It was easy to get and eat salads that did not include shredded cheese.  Last week I had a SubShack Philly Cheese Steak without cheese and actually had to look after a few bites to confirm there was in fact no cheese– that’s how similiar it tasted.  Almost every sub I had ranging from Subway Tuna to Blimpie Club to the sandwiches we made in our Vail hotel room– no cheese was needed.  Breakfast biscuits didn’t need cheese (and one day I discovered they don’t necessarily need bacon either!).  In fact, during all of Lent, there was only one item I think suffered from the cheese abscence.  Jimmy John’s #12 on French Bread. Definitely not as good without prevalent provolone. 

It will be nice to eat a slice of pizza again or indulge in a Nacho Cheesier Dorito here and there.  But overall, I think this Lent may provoke a new lifestyle change.  I don’t think my cheese intake will ever reach its previous levels. 

And that, I believe, is a darn good thing. 

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