The Steady Seduction of Montana

April 7, 2007 at 9:49 am 2 comments

Greetings from Missoula Montana!

When we were children and we found a stray or an injured wild animal, my mother would always give us kids lecture before we brought the animal in.  For example, with a baby grackle that fell out of his nest Mom said, “Don’t get attached.  I don’t want to see you playing with it.  I don’t want to see you giving it a name.  This is only temporary, we are not keeping it!”

The next thing my mother knew, that baby grackle was sitting on our fingers and listening to us coo compliments and his name (Simon).  It seems despite my mother’s warnings and knowing the relationship would not last forever, we would still fall in love.

I may find myself in a similiar situation with Montana.  I know I could never live here– the winters are too taxing for my husband to be happy.  But I can’t help but get seduced by all the scenery that surrounds me.  Every direction I look I see something I want to explore and hike and photograph.  Montana has majestic mountains like Colorado–but with more green and vegetation.  It’s a perfect storm!

There’s grass on this mountain!

I’m an adult now and unlike what I did with Simon the Grackle when we turned him over to a wildlife refuge, I will not shed tears when I part ways with Montana.  I will embrace Montana, but for what it is.  Just a fleeting affair.  A 10 day fling.

But, here’s another lesson I can take from Simon the Grackle, even if a relationship is short-lived, it doesn’t mean you won’t remember it and the joys it brought you.  Heck, like Simon, 15 years from now, I could be talking about Montana in a blog.  🙂

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