Bill C, Birthday Hero

March 18, 2007 at 10:18 pm Leave a comment

This morning I had a very nasty dream.  I was involved in a woman’s crew team (I think this is an hommage to my colleague, Kim Elliott) and for some reason the team had a dispute and I retired to a public ladies room.  There, I found an extremely clogged toilet, a “dirty potty” one may say.  Apparently I felt somewhat responsible for the toilet’s state because I started to plunge it (I doubt I would have taken the initiative otherwise).  The plunging effort was far from successful and quite messy.  The more I plunged, the more messy the situation became.  Water and poop was getting everywhere– it splashed on my pants.  It got all over my copy of Catch-22 (which I was reading before falling asleep) and it was even getting in my hair.  Suddenly, Bill knocked on the front door, the beagle started arooing and I woke up. 

I can not thank Bill enough for getting me out of that mess.  What a well-timed gift.

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