Weekend – Deerfield, Floyd, Cassell

March 5, 2007 at 10:31 am 1 comment

I did a couple of things this weekend, besides avoiding cheese:

Deerfield Bike Path
I took the dogs over to Deerfield Bike Path in Blacksburg for a stroll.  I also took along our new digital camera and snagged some pictures.  Deerfield Bike Path is not well known and as a result is pretty secluded.  If you take away the sentimental value of the Huckleberry Trail (lots of rollerblading memories) that would make Deerfield Bike Path my favorite of the bike paths in the area.  Here’s how I described it for a geocache placed in July 2003:

The bike trail offers a variety of views– a man-made pond, a babbling stream, deep forests of sycamore and locusts, a hillside of dry grass, collections of honeysuckle and wildflowers. This trail feels like you are walking right through a virgin forest– only with the comfort of a paved path!

In the winter, the forest doesn’t seem as thick and there is an abscene of wildflowers, but the sights and sounds are still great.  In fact, as I was walking back with my camera, I saw a group of people walking up carrying microphones.  Here are a few of my pictures from the outing:

Deerfield Bike Path and some reflections

Some of the tall grass with the man-made pond in the background

Jimmie next to the babbling stream

Silhouttes of some of the many trees off the path

Jodi and Ali
On Saturday, I drove to Floyd to visit Jodi and her daughter, Ali.  Floyd is such a beautiful county.  I really enjoyed the views I encountered.  I will definitely have to return there again shortly to do some hiking. 

This time around, I spent most of my camera efforts trying to get pictures of Ali.   In July, the Vandervorts did a blog post called “The Many Faces…” and it shared thirteen pictures of Ali and her different facial expressions from a single day.  When I saw it, I thought, “Wow, they take a lot of pictures” and I thought the quantity was solely a reflection of their affection for their new daughter. 

Now I wonder if there is another reason behind the quantity of pictures!  It turns out it is lot easier to get photographs of dogs than it is of a baby.  It seemed whenever Ali was happy and smiling and actually looking my way she was also very animated.  With my limited experience with the new camera, that left a lot of blurry hands and unfocused facial features.  I also had a series of pictures where I was a split second too late and missed the smile.  So I took picture after picture after picture.  When it was all said and done I think I ended up with a 3% satisfaction rate of my pictures.  The good news is when everything clicked in place, little Ali is very photogenic!  So through quantity, I was able to salvage quality.

Ali has a tongue

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech
On Sunday, Larry gave me and Sean his men’s basketball tickets, so we went to watch Virginia Tech take on Clemson.  I think this is the first basketball game Sean and I attended together in at least nine years.  I very much enjoy the basketball environment.  I like how concentrated the experience is– you are closer to the action of the game, closer to the refs you want to yell at, closer to the sidelines, closer to the cheerleaders, closer to the band, closer to the dance team and the Hokie Bird.  No matter what is going on, you are in the thick of it.  But…I will report the intimacy of Cassell Colliseum does not do the “Enter Sandman” hysteria justice.  With that, you really need to sheer magnitude of frenzied fans that only Lane Stadium can provide.

We ended up losing the game and the seemingly reserved old man next to me lost his temper and threw down his water in anger.  I got splattered by plenty of his water and hopefully not very much of his backwash.  Nonetheless, I had a good time (I think Sean’s experience was still dampened by the loss, though).

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