Caesar Salads and Other Cheese Discoveries

March 3, 2007 at 7:24 pm Leave a comment

Today was my 11th day without cheese or dessert.  I’m a lot hungrier than usual but so far so good.  As expected, the cheese is tougher than desserts.  I’ve had a few pleasant surprises with dishes that taste just as good without cheese.  But more often than not, I receive some tough reminders of my fast:

  1. There are a heck of a lot of commercials on TV that deal with cheese.  That Cheez-it commercial with the rolling boulder of cheese and the “Happy Cows Come From California” campaign never really stuck out that much in the past.  Now it seems they are on constantly.
  2. Last Saturday I went into CCS to catch up on some work.  I got hungry and decided to hit the snack machine.  Between sweets and cheese, the vending machine only offered me a handful of viable choices – Chex Mix and Peanut Butter Crackers.  That was a little eye-opening.
  3. Before Sean and I saw Breach on Tuesday, we went to eat dinner at Red Robin.  Guess what Red Robin’s featured burger is this month!  The “Mo-Cheese-Mo Cheeseburger” – a burger that sports four different type of cheeses.  Sean was quite amused by the abundant marketing for that burger on all the tables.
  4. Thursday, Derek, Sean and I had lunch together at Red Lobster.  When we were ordering, the waitress gave me a choice between a House Salad and a Caesar Salad.  I always get the House Salad but Caesar sounded pretty darn good so I went with that.  When the dish arrived, I inadvertantly gasped outloud (the poor waitress).  The entire salad was buried in paramesan cheese and doused in a paramesan cheese dressing.  I completely forgot what was on a Caesar salad.  Once again, my agnostic husband demonstrated great patience for my Lent selections.  He voluntarily switched his cheeseless House Salad with my Caesar Salad. 
  5. Today for lunch I suggested a new pork BBQ place in Blacksburg.  I picked it because my body was craving some meat and I figured it was a safe choice.  They don’t even put cheese on BBQ!  Well as sly and as calculated as I thought I was, I forgot about side dishes.  So I ended up getting to watch Ledman, Sean and Andy all enjoy macaroni and cheese and something called “twiced baked mashed potatos” (which sounds freaking awesome!) There was nothing about this scenario that wasn’t my doing.  I picked to give up cheese and I picked the restaurant.  What a nice little predictament I architected for myself.  🙂  On a side note, I’m definitely going to have to try that place again after Easter.

Welp, only 29 days left to go!  Hopefully poor Sean won’t have to switch any more dishes with me.

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