Watch Out Hawaii

February 22, 2007 at 12:14 pm Leave a comment

Before my brother returns to Hawaii on March 5th, Sean and I are arming him with a digital camera.  It may not be my most solid move.  I’ve had run-ins with my brother as a camera person before. 

Jay’s Polaroid
When I was in early high school, someone (I think Grandma Turnock) gave my brother a polaroid camera.  Suddenly, I was not safe.  Jay could take a picture at any time.  For example, I could be ambushed when I was exiting the restroom.

Jay captures Vicky leaving restroom

One evening, I was trying to watch TV and my pesky little brother kept bothering me.  Finally, I got fed up and without giving him the pleasure of eye contact, I flicked him off.  Instantly I heard the distinctive sounds of a Polaroid processing.  My brother has taken a picture of my obscene gesture. 

Jay captures Vicky flicking him off

I tried my best to confiscate the picture, but my spry little brother escaped and showed our father.  It all happened so fast.  One moment I was flicking Jay off.  The next moment Dad was yelling at me.  Blast that Polaroid and its fast development time.

Jay the European Photographer
When I went to London for work in 2001, Jay was also there for a training session.  We spent a couple nights visiting.   I felt bad for Jay because he had no camera.  Here he was exploring Europe with no means to capture his memories.  One night as we headed to a bar, I let Jay take my camera.  Almost immediately, I remember turning around to see my brother sticking my camera under the skirt of one of his classmates and the flash going off.  Jay’s classmate was understandably upset.

“Oh, don’t worry,” I told her, “That shot will never come out.”

When I got home and developed all my film, however, I made a couple of discoveries:

  1. That shot did, in fact, come out.
  2. That girl was wearing thong underwear.

Even though I don’t remember her name and I recall her annoying me by insisting on “Yeehawing” loudly as we walked through London, I find myself with too much respect for her to share that photo (sorry Clint).

Despite all those past photos, I feel sorry for my brother– he’s already finished his first five month rotation on the cruise ship with not a single picture of Hawaii to share.  So, Sean and I are shipping him a camera this week. 

At least this time I can rest easy– I’ll be no where near his new camera.   😉

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