Brush Mountain (Audie Murphy)

February 6, 2007 at 3:50 pm 2 comments

The great Commonwealth of Virginia isn’t exactly original with their mountain names.  Virginia is home to nine different Brushy Mountains and four Brush Mountains.  On Saturday, the dogs and I spent our afternoon on one of the Brush Mountains, specifically the one that is home to the Audie Murphy Memorial.

I remember one summer well before my hiking days (circa 1997 or 1998) a group of us, led by Brian Vandervort, made a trip to the Audie Murphy Memorial in the daytime.  We took the gravel Brush Mountain Road (even the road names are original!) to the top of the mountain and parked.  From there we were only a half a mile and a very flat walk from the memorial.  That dinky mileage and I still struggled that day!  I remember the air being so thick and humid and the walk seeming like it would never ever ever end.

My, have things changed!  Nowadays I wouldn’t even consider that outing a hike.  I would even venture to say that unless I was with little Penn or another child, I would view that half mile as a waste of time.  What’s not a waste?  Why ascending 1500 feet to the same spot, of course! 

And that’s exactly what the dogs and I opted to do on Saturday.  We climbed up Brush Mountain on the Appalachian Trail from Craig’s Creek Valley.  It was a wonderful outing.  We didn’t see a single human being on our trip.  What we did see was a lot of great views.  As the trail nears the top of Brush Mountain, every switchback offered another view and eventually you are walking on ridgeline that provides consistent sights on both your right and your left. 

Thanks to the hardwood floor construction on the first floor, the dogs and I had spent a lot of time last week couped up.  Okay, maybe the dogs more so than I.  They did have to wait in the running X-Terra while I was on a series of conference calls.  Still, it is safe to say all three of us earned the right to be out and about. 

Without further ado, some pictures from our earned outing:

View going up Brush Mountain

Jimmie on the slightly snow covered trail

The trail did get icy at parts.  Henry on an icy section. 

Like the trip to Bottom Creek Gorge, a lot of interesting trees were passed:

This tree split and grew back into itself

I just liked the way this guy looked

This tree looked like it was making an “OK” sign

All my pictures from this Brush Mountain hike are available on my Flickr site.

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