Leesylvania State Park

December 27, 2006 at 12:51 am Leave a comment

This afternoon, my mother and I took our four collective dogs down to Leesylvania State Park for a “hike”.  Very few people were at the park, which was helpful for us… since we had four dogs to control! 

Mom poses with all four dogs- Moon, Sunny, Henry, Jimmie

Although it was right in the middle of winter, the area was beautiful and we enjoyed the sites.  We took the Bushey Point Trail which took us along the shores of the Potomac River and Powells Creek.

Silhouette of a Gum Ball Tree

View along the Bushey Pointe Trail

Right as we started back, a peaceful drizzle of rain begun.

“I like this kind of light rain,” I told my mother, “Because it makes my hair curl.”

Mom started to comment on how people like the opposite of what they have and cited my cousin Louise who straightens her naturally curly hair.  Then, as if to spite me, the weather changed drastically.  The rain started POURING!!!!  We picked up our pace to head back to the car.  Mom had a little extra challenge.  Her dogs kept stopping, so they could shake the water off.   A lot of good that did. 

By the time we got to the car, everyone (human and canine) was soaked, which meant Mom’s newly cleaned car got soaked as well:

Snippets of wet dogs.  You can see the rain in the back windshield.  You can also see how much water was brought into the car by the dogs.

A wet… and very pathetic looking… Henry

Luckily, I was traveling with a good spirited woman.  My mother took everything in stride– the rain, the wet car, the traffic home.  I think, maybe, just maybe, she’ll accompany me on an an outing again.

All my pictures from our trip to Leesylvania State Park can be found on my Flickr site.

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