Lengthy Layovers

December 22, 2006 at 12:08 am Leave a comment

It looked grim many times throughout the day, but I made it home.  I had two flights.  The first was delayed three hours which would normally put my connecting flight in jeopardy.  That’s okay because my connecting flight was delayed for six hours!  When he was imprisoned, Huey Newton filled his solitary time by keeping busy.  He kept his mind active while fleshing out some principles and concepts for the Black Panther Party.  He kept his body active by doing situps.  He read.  He wrote letters.  He kept busy.

A crowded airport may feel at times like a prison, but I know it is far from it.  Nonetheless, I tried to take a Huey Newton approach to my ever growing stay at O’Hare Airport.  I tried to stay active.  I worked on journal entries.  I read the paper (It said 14% of Americans can not identify our country on a map!).  I did two crossword puzzles (sort of– I did not get very far on the New York Times Puzzle, but I did kick ass in USA Today’s puzzle).   I finally bought a roll of stamps, thanks to a full Post Office at O’Hare Airport.  I did a few text messages.  Finally, I got a number of Christmas cards done.

At least three strangers saw me working on my Christmas cards and marvelled how that was a good idea.  Two of them also had Christmas Cards to work on….but had it in their checked luggage.  To that I say, “Suckers!”  🙂

For the most part, I was impressed by all the passengers’ good humour and demeanor despite all the delays, changing gates and frustratingly vague annoncements.  But, of course, there were still the people who felt entitled and had that “It should be all about *me* and all about what *I* want” syndrome.  When we finally got on a plane from Chicago to Roanoke, the two rows behind me spent most of the flight home talking about all the things the airline “owed” them.  It ranged from extra snacks to free alcohol to extra air miles to a full fare refund.  

Yeah, the airline should definitely be liable for the weather.  It serves the airlines right for putting trivial concerns such as, well, safety of the passengers and the well being of the crew, ahead of posted departure times.

You definitely see the best and worst of mankind at airports.  Luckily, I would still say I saw more of the “best” than the “worst” today.   

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