Greetings from Kansas

December 18, 2006 at 10:57 pm Leave a comment

Greetings from Kansas!  I had a smooth journey.  Plus I got to catch up on journal entries and I got to work to work on some Christmas cards.  A couple of quick notes so far:

Don’t Read My Lips
Often during football games you’ll see the head coach holding a clipboard or a piece of paper in front his mouth as he gives instructions to his colleagues.  He does this so the opposite team doesn’t read his lips and catch on to his latest strategies.  Today waiting at the gate in Chicago, I saw a business man exercise the same technique.  He stood in the middle of the crowded gate area, surrounded by other passengers.  He talked on his bluetooth headset and covered his lips with part of today’s newspaper.  The funnies section to be exact.  I’m not sure what trade secrets he was trying to protect with Hagar the Horrible, but I do know he looked ridiculous.

Minivan vs. XTerra
The rental place was still cleaning my compact car, so they offered me an “upgrade” to a minivan for free.  I hestitated at first and asked how long the cleaning would take.  They didn’t know.  Then I asked, “Is there a parking problem in Wichita?” to which the clerks laughed and said no.  You see, I was worried about having to find a tight space for a big minivan.  It was only after I had the keys and I was approaching my gold minivan that I realized, “Wait a second, I drive an XTerra.”  I drive a giant vehicle every single day of my life, but get me in Kansas and suddenly I’m worried about having too much car?!?

Keen Kutter
I’m staying at The Hotel at Old Town in Wichita.  Very neat place– it is a renovated warehouse that was originally built in 1905 for the Keen Kutter company.  The hotel embraces its history.  Throughout the building, they have pictures of historic Wichita and display cases of original merchandise and memorabilia from Keen Kutter.  You could tell I spent the whole day in airports.  I took one look at a display case and thought, “There’s a bunch of stuff you can’t take on an airplane.”  🙂

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