Gwyn’s Birthday Party

December 10, 2006 at 8:26 pm 1 comment

Today was Gwyn’s Birthday party.  It was a modest event– pizza, parmesan chicken, close family and friends.  There was one exception to the modesty which was a fancy Penguin Igloo Ice Cream Cake Ann and I made over the course of the last two days.  Ann had found the recipe in an issue of Martha Stewart Living:


Yesterday, we made the chocolate cake lining and then put in alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and then put it in the freezer to set overnight.  All we had to do today was to decorate it and add the penguins.  Easy, huh?   Well, last night I was perusing the internet for some pictures to include in my blog.  I should have known we were in for some trouble when one of the search results included the phrase, “Damn you Martha Stewart.”  It turns out the white chocolate butter cream icing recommended by the magazine was very runny and would not hold its shape.  So after some struggles with that, Ann made her own batch of regular butter cream icing and which behaved significantly better.   Still, with that delay, we finished the cake literally two minutes before the guests arrived!

We had to improvise without marzipan, so we made the penguins out of leftover butter cream frosting.  For the most part, the icing worked well, but it had trouble supporting a lot of verticle weight.  As a result, the penguins ended up being a bit pudgy.

“Those are some well-fed penguins,” Larry observed.

Apparently, Penn feels the penguins aren’t the only things that are well-fed.  Penn named some of the penguins.  The most plump blue one, Penn dubbed, “Fat Grandpa.” 

Incidentally, the other blue penguin Penn named, “Penn.”  Penn kept waving to his butter cream counterpart and greeting it, “Hi Penn!  Hi Penn!”  The two Penns seemed to have a good friendship going.  But then just a few minutes later, real Penn had no qualms of biting little Penn’s head off.

It took some coaxing to show Gwyn what to do with the candles.  Both Ann and Penn demonstrated the act:

I think it was a group effort, but both candles were successfully extinguished.  So I suppose little Gwyn’s wish will come true.  She’s too young to article her wish outloud.  But I suspect food is involved. 🙂

More pictures from Gwyn’s Birthday Party are available on my Flickr site.

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