You Must Assimilate to My Hobbies

December 3, 2006 at 1:51 pm 4 comments

A few weeks ago, my work had a celebration at Adventure World.  It’s a facility that hosts a rollerskating rink, laser tag, moon bounces and an arcade.  I needed a date, so I invited four-year old Penn, two-year old Gwyn and Ann.  

About a year ago, I saw Penn put his feet in two toy dump trucks and used them to skate around a kitchen.  When skating most little kids viciously move their feet back and forth in a straight line and as a result, have very little forward progress.  But Penn was instinctively moved his feet at an angle and was able to get a lot of traction and movement out of those toy trucks.  A natural, right?

Well at Adventure World, we strapped the skates on Penn and took him out on to the floor.  I took a firm grasp on his chest under each arm to “spot” him and off we went.  It was…. a disaster.  Suddenly it was as if Penn was suffering from some kind of lower body seizures.  His feet were going everywhere.  There was constant movement in sporadic directions.  So I was pretty much holding up a frantic kid with bizarre tap dancing feet.  I tried my best to coach.

“Hold on.  Wait…. Wait… stay still a second.   Stop– stop– stop…Okay… Alright, now make your feet into a ‘V’…. A ‘V’ like in Vicky….Look at my feet….  Okay there,  now push forward with your right leg.  Wait.  Wait, what are you doing?  No, one leg at a time.  Stop kicking.  Put your feet back under your body.   Put them on the ground.  Hold on– Hold on, stay still.”

It’s quite a bit of exercise skating, supporting a squirming child and protecting the both of us from gravity taking its course.  At one point, noticing the ache in my back, I said, “Okay, let’s stop and take a break.”

“But I don’t need a break!” Penn whined.

So I had to rephrase and cite that it was *I* who needed a break.

Ann took a shot of assisting Penn but with similiar frustrations.  After a whole quarter of the rink, we had successfully tired ourselves out and almost brought the boy to tears.  We aborted and I took Penn to the carpet.   At that point, the kid suddenly regained control over his feet and I once again witnessed movement that resembled actual skating.

I think it was safe to say he was terrified on the rink.  Nonetheless at the end of the evening, Penn gasped and said, “I have an idea!  You are coming to my birthday party, right?  You can get me rollerblades!”

That was actually a welcomed idea– it was much easier than the alternative.  One day when his mother explained that I was a software engineer and I wrote computer programs, Penn had another brilliant idea. 

“I know!” he said, “She can write me a computer game for my birthday!!!!”

“Uh….I think Vicky’s too busy for that right now,” Ann said.

“That’s okay, Mama.  She can give it to me for Christmas if she wants.”

Nice of Penn to extend me the extra 21 days. 🙂 

Anyway, last night I went to Target to secure the more obtainable of the two birthday requests.  I got him some cute little rollerskates that will actually adjust between four different shoe sizes.  So they will grow with him. 

As I put my new bounty into the shopping basket, I realized– this is the fourth pair of skates I’ve purchased in the last few years.  And none of those skates have been for myself.  They’ve all been gifts!

  • I got my cousin Samantha rollerblades for Christmas one year.
  • I got my cousin Frank rollerblades for Christmas one year.
  • I got my sister new rollerblades for her 30th birthday last year.
  • I got Penn his first pair of rollerskates for his 5th birthday this year.

It seems I go out of my way to insure others can partake in my hobbies!

Does that make me the drug pusher of skating?

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  • 1. Carolyn  |  December 3, 2006 at 2:22 pm

    I asked you to get me rollerblades. And they are awesome!

    My last pair was lost for several months, and then I found them in Clint’s trunk. Excited to finally have them back, I strapped them on my feet and suddenly they disintegrated. That was very disappointing.

  • 2. Clint  |  December 5, 2006 at 12:54 pm

    My trunk makes things disintegrate. That’s part of how my padded swords broke my finger in 1992. (Well, that was a different car..)

  • 3. You Must Assimilate to My Tastes « TGAW  |  January 25, 2007 at 12:26 am

    […] I guess my purchases to share my tastes with others are not limited to outdoor hobbies. […]

  • 4. thousandsunset  |  July 1, 2008 at 4:43 am

    hey i noe we have to ‘V’ but why DO we have to do the ‘V’ shape?


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