Memories of Scattergories

December 1, 2006 at 9:46 pm 7 comments

My brother-in-law, Clint, posted this picture on his Flickr site with the caption, “Werewolves fucking jump!”


The heated title is in response to a Scattergories ruling that’s actually 14 years old now!  For the letter “W” and the category “Things that Jump/Bounce”, Clint put down “Werewolf”.  However, the other six players argued and denied Clint the credit the picture proves he deserved.

Clint’s posting brought me a lot of amusement and it reminded me of a few of my own Scattergories memories.  Some snippets:

Nobody Likes A Know-It-All
My Grandmother Turnock always had an answer for “Birds”, regardless of letter.  Similiarly, Rich Parrish always had an answer for “Medicine/Drugs” and “Diseases”. 

Taking On the Elderly
It was very difficult to deny my grandmother credit for anything.  She’d like to use her age as justification, saying stuff like, “I didn’t have to learn it, I lived it!” or “I know because I’m old!” 

One time in particular, Brian Nenninger and I heavily disputed my grandmother’s claim that “Radius” was a “Unit of Measurement.”  The battle of wits went on for some time, but finally Brian and I backed down and let my grandmother take the point.  It turns out, she was right!  A quote from Brian:

i gave her full credit posthumously after discovering that nasa measures asteroid near-misses in earth radii

Unlikely Lubricants
For Jodi Vandervort’s Bacherlotte Party, we featured two rounds of Scattergories with custom lists we created for the occassion– one focused on the Wedding/Reception and the other on the Honeymoon.  One of the categories for the Honeymoon list was “Unlikely Lubricants.”  I expected the answers to be amusing, but one young lady’s response took me offguard.  She capitalized on the extra points for alliteration.  The letter was “J”.  Her answer?

Jalapeño Jelly


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