N-O spells No!

November 8, 2006 at 12:25 am Leave a comment

When my brother, Jay, was a little boy, one of the very first words he learned to spell was “no.”  After years of being around older siblings who were able to spell (and used that knowledge against him– “M-O-M, J-A-Y is O-U-T of B-E-D”), Jay was quite proud to join the literate ranks.  And he certainly put his new found knowledge to use.  Anytime and everytime you asked him a question, he’d adopt an indignent look, cross his arms and say, “N-O spells No!”

Invariably, that was his answer– even to queries where I suspect deep down he really wanted answer yes.

“Jay, do you want a cookie?”

“N-O spells No!”

Today was election day.  Our precinct is now furnished with state-of-the-art touch screen voting booths.  Three of the items on the ballot today were simple yes/no questions, one of which I felt strongly about.  I found the act of pointing decisively to compliment the moment well.   Fiddling with antiquated levers wouldn’t quite capture the same conviction.

So today, as I happily pointed out my opinions, I found myself sharing the same sense of fulfillment my little brother experienced nearly three decades ago.  He and I both found empowerment via a very simple concept. 

“N-O spells No!”

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