Project Runway and Team Building

September 27, 2006 at 8:01 pm 1 comment

Last Friday, in celebration of Zero Defects Day my work had a team building exercise.  Employees were split into small groups.  We were given some wooden pallets, two chairs and the ability to buy other supplies (like bubble wrap, paper, tape measure, cardboard, etc).  We were allowed to use anything we found outside of the building (including our cars… if we had our keys with us).  Our assignment was to make a hotel room within 30 minutes.   Our team ended up winning.  In this kind of exercise, I think it pays to have people with a lot of junk in their cars.  🙂


The activity was quite fun and reminded me very much of one of the Innovation Challenges on Project Runway:

  1. You had to use a lot of creativity to turn junk into hotel amenities.  For example, our team made a toilet out of a bucket, a spare tire and the dirty lid of a styrofoam cooler (The stains make it more authentic, right?).  We also made a toilet paper holder out of an empty CD-R container I had waiting for Clint in my car.  That CD-R container had 100% utilization– we used the lid to make a lampshade. 
  2. Like the Project Runway designers, we had a time limitation. 
  3. We also had to keep in mind the objectives of the challenge and what the judges may be looking for.  Since it was Zero Defects Day, and the theme of the event was Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction and Quality– we made sure to include a survey in our room to show that our hotel was concerned about the perceptions of our guests and that we took improvement seriously.  🙂
  4. Finally, we had to sell and justify our work to our judges.  I think our “tour” was instrumental to our win.  We had a number of great comedic public speakers on our team, but settled on Jeff S. to do our presentation.  He had the entire company and the judges laughing up a storm.

Unfortunately, the only pictures we have of our work are from a cell phone.  I do have all three precious pictures up on my Flickr account with markups showing the different items, what we made them from and why in the world some of those items were still in my car.    Enjoy!

Pictures on Flickr

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  • 1. tgaw  |  September 27, 2006 at 8:03 pm

    On a side note, I don’t think any of the teams had any of the strife and drama you see on Project Runway. The stakes tend to be less high when you are competing for…a free lunch.


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