Busted by Bowmans x 2

July 24, 2006 at 7:36 pm Leave a comment

I’m having some bad luck with Bowmans this week. 

Busted by Ann 
On Saturday night, I went over to Ann Bowman Jones‘ house to watch a movie (Prime).  We started fairly late– especially for a mother of two young children who spent the day at the pool.  So it wasn’t surprising when Ann fell asleep in the middle of the film.  In fact, I knew the odds of that outcome were high coming over.  Pleased with my own prediction, I quietly grabbed my cell phone and composed a text message to Sean:

“And now Ann is sound asleep!”

Suddenly Ann’s cell phone starts beeping loudly.  All the original noise is amplified by the phone vibrating and causing a rapid chattering on the coffee table.  Ann sits up adbruptly and in a groggy daze, she collects her phone.

“That’s weird,” she said, “It’s from you.” 

I was momentarily as confused as she was until the message was read aloud.  I had inadvertantly addressed my message to Ann!  Not only was I busted– but the whole act disproved my statement. 

Ann was, in fact, not sound asleep.

Busted By Larry
Often when I’m shopping around for third party components, I’ll use my Management Solutions of Virginia persona.  I fill in my Management Solutions email and I’ll leave Management Solutions’ address and phone number (aka Larry’s address and phone number).  If the company calls, Larry deals with them accordingly.  Last week, I was sort of scoping out a competitor (Nothing sinister– I was just curious to see a quick screenshot).  Under the circumstances, I felt weird putting my own name in the form (a quick Google search would make me look suspicious– more suspicious than I think my quick peak was worth), so I borrowed just a tad extra from Larry.  Like usual I let Larry know the company and that I filled out an inquiry form.  Unfortunately I only thought to share the usual amount of details.

So this afternoon I get a call from Larry.

“YES, I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO VICKY BOWMAN!!” He said, already laughing.

Turns out– the company did call Larry.  When they asked for me, he had a quick answer, “I don’t know a Vicky Bowman!”

When they told him who was calling, he made the connection …and helpfully told them my real last name.

Welp, I think it’s pretty much a given, if I didn’t look suspicious before, I certainly look that way now!

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