Forgotten Dishes

July 22, 2006 at 4:28 pm Leave a comment

A year or so ago, Sean and I were waiting for Larry Bowman to meet us at one of the many Mexican restaurants in the New River Valley.  Sean and I were just about to order when Larry arrived at the table. 

“Do you know what you want?” I asked Larry.

“I always get the same thing, but I can never remember the number,” Larry said.  He grabbed a menu, opened it and then looked up at the waiter, “Two.”

Sean and I always laugh at how Larry’s forgotten number could be so simple.

Anyway, I ran into a similiar story in my journal entry from January 18, 1999:

Ryan Schutt is sick today.  He has strep throat.  I felt bad for him being ill and decided to pick up food for him.  Sean & I were meeting Brian & Jodi @ Hokie House.  Sean and I left at 8:15 PM.  I was certain I’d be back in time for Ally McBeal.  Ryan wanted a chicken fillet sandwich, no tomato.

I didn’t get back until 10 PM!!! The service at Hokie House was horrid.  It took them at least 10 minutes to get me my water. 

When I went up to order Ryan’s sandwich I told the waitress, “I want to order a sandwich.  I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s a chicken fillet.”

The waitress looked at me blankly and muttered an “um…” before getting a menu to look it up.  She pulled the menu on the counter and guess what the sandwich was called:


How could she, an employee, not remember that sandwich name?!? Hehehe.

Note to self: Stop giving Larry such a hard time.

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