Rocky Mountain National Park and Denver Botanic Gardens

July 16, 2006 at 10:21 pm Leave a comment

On Saturday, Sean finally got to enjoy some free time in Colorado!  We woke up early and headed over to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We didn’t catch glimpses of any Big Horn Sheep, but saw a lot of beautiful sites, especially along the Old Fall River Road.  My favorite picture of the park came at Farview Curve:

Cloud Shadow 

We drove through the park, visited Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Lake and Lake Granby.  Finally we took a scenic route home via Route 40, passing through the gorgeous towns of Fraser and Winter Park.  I always wanted to see what Showshoe Ski Resort would look like in the summer.  Driving through Winter Park gave me a very good idea of what it might look like — beautiful!

I did have one regret.  Along that Route 40, I believe between Fraser and Winter Park, we drove by a train in the foreground with a field and snow-capped mountains behind it.  I wish I had snagged a picture.  It was very picturesque.

Since we got back to Boulder so early, Sean and I also made a trip out to the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Despite Ryan Somma‘s recommendation, we just could not muster up the desire to visit the famous Bodies exhibit at the Denver Musuem of Nature and Science.

As we were paying our entrance fee at the Botanic Gardens, an exiting guest yelled at us, “Don’t do it!  The inside sucks and the outside is too hot!”

Sean and I did not heed her advice and we did not regret it at all.  Although it was 100 in Denver that day, there was little humidity.  Sean and I could feel the heat, but without the mugginess we are used to in Virginia, the outside was very bearable to us.

The inside section, I thought was beautiful but there was definitely humidity.  In fact, it was so thick you could see it in the light.

Sean in Humidity

There were multiple levels in the indoor facility.  It was absolutely amazing to feel the temperature difference between the top and the bottom.  When we descended, Sean and I could feel a dramatic temperature drop with each flight of stairs.

Outside, I really enjoyed the Monet Garden section with its lily pads, fountains and bronze statues.

Monet Garden

As usual, more pictures from our Colorado trip are available on my website.

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