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July 16, 2006 at 10:54 pm 1 comment

Colorado was not the first state I rollerbladed in, the first state I geocached in or the first state I hiked in. However, Colorado will hold one distinction in my book:

  • The first time I ever drove an electric car (note: not a hybrid– purely electric)

On Thursday, my uncle lent me his electric RAV4 to drive around Boulder. It was obvious to all that I was driving an electric vehicle. Nothing to do with performance. Rather, there were big stickers on all sides of the vehicle:

Electric Vehicle

On a side note, a number of years ago, Barrett A implemented a hilarious satire of the frat boys who liked to put stickers on their suped up cars to advertise the make of their vehicle and subsequently, their perceived prowess. Barrett put huge, giant white stickers that covered both sides of his grey, beat-up mini-van that read:

Powered By

Anyway, I have to say I rather enjoyed the electric vehicle. It was great for commuting through town, seeing the University of Colorado and shopping at Pearl Street Mall. I also enjoyed being able to tell my uncle, “I would offer you gas money, but…” 🙂

Electric RAV4

The only thing I found unnerving was the lack of noise when I was starting the vehicle. Everytime I turned the key, my pulse would momentarily rise when I did not hear the engine turn over. I’d have to be reassured by the green “Ready” light on the dash that everything was in fact normal and that I did not break my uncle’s car.

Other than that, I didn’t notice slow acceleration or any other kind of negative aspect of the vehicle. And with it being powered by my Uncle’s solar panels, I was in one of the most (if not the most) ecologically friendly vehicles in Boulder. It was a little, tiny, tiny bit of penance for the fleet of SUVs I’ve manned the last decade.

P.S. In Colorado, because of their high altitude– they sell 85 octane gas!

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  • 1. Carolyn  |  July 19, 2006 at 10:00 pm

    somehow, I feel jealous that I didn’t get to drive an electric car around town.

    Right now, I’m driving Mom’s SUV. A Dodge Durango. Hogging up all the gas 🙂 It had a quarter of a tank when I got it from her. That got me to and from my uncle’s house in Maryland. The “Low Gas” light came on on the way home from Silver Spring. Some tense moments were spent on 495 with Clint sleeping in the passenger side. “Am I going to run out of gas? I wonder how many miles I can go with this light on.”.

    I figured I was safe, because in my car, I know that light can be on for quite awhile before the gas actually gives out (as demonstrated on our ski trip to Snowshoe a few years back 🙂 ) but since this wasn’t my car, I was a little bit worried it wouldn’t last that long. But I was able to get Clint home, and then get to the gas station. Yay.

    On another note, I was a little mad at the gas station. I put my credit card into the pump and got my gas. I decided to get a receipt, so when it asked me, I pushed the “yes” button. Then the screen said “See attendent”. Argh! What’s the point of having the convenience to pay at the pump, and have a little place to receive the receipt if you can’t even receive the receipt there??? The last two times I’ve gotten gas, at two different gas stations, that’s been the case.


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