Generosity to and from the Herbst Family

May 28, 2006 at 10:13 pm Leave a comment

Fundraising for Ian Herbst is really making great progress.  On Tuesday, WSLS Channel 10 did a story on him.  We started selling Domino's Pizza Coupon Cards, Raffle Tickets for a Used Car, homemade Ian Hope beaded bracelets as well as delicious Candy Bars to support the cause.  Earlier this week, a family who had heard about Ian stopped by the office and may a very generous donation!  It really warms my heart to see all the community support, because Elaine, Brett and Ian are the most deserving family I could think of. 

I recalled this evening that I had a journal entry that would demonstrate the every day kindness that is prevalent in the Herbst family:


Last Thursday we had a pretty bad ice storm …

Since it had been icing all day I had quite a collection of ice on my windshield and windows.  I started the ardous task of scraping the ice away.

Suddenly I heard some other scraping, very nearby.  I looked to see which one of my colleagues was parked next to me, suffering the same predictament as I.

Lo and behold– it wasn't someone scraping their car.  Brett Herbst was on the other side of my X-Terra, scraping it!

What a nice thing to do– especially in crummy weather.

I never asked for that man's help, but he helped scrape my car… as well as the cars of our remaining co-workers!   

That's the kind of people we are helping.

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