Update: Letter to Lansing City Council about Malcolm X

May 4, 2006 at 10:19 pm 1 comment

Some letters, packages and even emails, you really don't have a good means to know they were really received.  Actually, letters to Carolyn and Clint have been particularly susceptible to delivery problems.  For example, here is an email from Carolyn noting that she received a letter from me 10 months after it was sent!  The email also shows that Sean isn't the only one who can accurately anticipate.  🙂

From: Carolyn
Sent: Tue 10/29/2002 6:16 PM
To: Vicky
Subject: ha ha hahahah

i got your letter and the returned card today.  The first line in the thank-you card dated 12/27/01 is "Not sure when you are going to get this as your sporadic support of postal mail…" (not proper grammar :P) Hilarious!


In the case of my Letter to the Lansing City Council about MalcolmX, however, I have the benefit of feedback via the Lansing City Council's website.  My letter was mentioned in the March 20, 2005 City Council Meeting Agenda and subsequently the March 20, 2005 City Council Meeting Notes.

It doesn't mean any action would be taken.  Still… it is pretty neat to see the letter was a line item in a meeting.

Entry filed under: Carolyn L, Lansing, Michigan, Malcolm X.

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  • 1. Clint  |  January 10, 2007 at 9:42 pm

    watchout for the blogspam. it’s rampant today. i argued like hell with some webhost admin until he blocked a specific IP from wordpress and it all stopped. then Italy started up an hour later….


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