Countdown to RATC Patch

April 30, 2006 at 12:14 am 1 comment

Today my friend Mike and I hiked from VA-779, up the Andy Layne Trail to the Appalachian Trail and then back down to VA-220.  It was 13.1 miles total (or 12.1 if the one sign that contradicted the other sign and the map is correct).  

Carvin's Cove View 

The other pictures from this hike are on my website.

With that section out of the way, I'm down to two more hikes and 13.9 miles until I've hiked all of the trail maintained by the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club— earning their 119-mile patch.

Well, WordPress lets me add an <iframe> and it shows up beautifully in edit mode— but is stripped away during saving and publishing.  So, here's a link to my RATC Progress Spreadsheet (with links to my pictures for each section).

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Pride, Nature and the Nature of Pride Water vs. Fear

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  • […] Unfortunately, now I’m on to myself.  On five recent hikes (Tinker Cliffs to VA-220, VA-635 to Pine Swamp Shelter, Blackhorse Gap to VA 652, Mount Rogers and Bald Knob), I knew better.  I never thought I couldn’t make it.  But, with Mt. Bierstadt I definitely had my doubts!  Those doubts were a slightly different species, however– they occurred before I even arrived in the state. […]


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